Matlab commands and variables

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Downloading the software

The software package is formed by a series of Matlab m-files. These files are functions with input and output parameters and work in the same way as normal Matlab functions such as y=abs(x);. To be able to use the algorithms as Matlab functions you need to download the whole package from the Software tab and save in a suitable directory in your computer.

Once you have saved all the m-files in a directory (folder), you need to add a Matlab path to that location so that Matlab is able to locate the functions when called from either the command line, or from another function. Open Matlab and go to FILE -> SET PATH.

Select, "ADD FOLDER", navigate through your computer until you find the directory where you stored the m-files, select the folder and then click SAVE and close the window. To verify that everything is working properly, type:

which preProcessingNeutrophils.m
C:\Documents and Settings\user\Desktop\NeutrophilPackage\preProcessingNeutrophils.m

and you will get the path where the m-files are located. After this you are ready to start the analysis.

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